Low Cost High Risk Merchant Processing

Does your business need merchant processing? Do you need to be able to accept credit card payments to keep your success moving, and your business growing? Most companies, from the smallest enterprise to the largest business empire, require merchant processing services. ParamountPayments.com provides efficient, cost-effective credit card processing to all businesses, large and small, no matter the industry or sector in which they operate. If you need merchant processing, we can provide it, and we can tailor our solutions to your business and its specific needs.

While ParamountProcessing.com provides every business with merchant processing, we also provide adult and high risk merchant processing. The sad reality of the banking industry is that there are few options for adult merchant processing. What is an adult merchant processor? It is high risk merchant processing for adult merchant accounts. High risk credit card processing provide inexpensive, even cheap credit card processing for high-risk businesses, such as those engaged in adult entertainment, accessories and paraphernalia sometimes wrongly associated with drug culture, and any of several other absolutely legal “adult” industries that are frequently the target of unfair business practices.

In other words, the best credit card processing for most adult industries is any credit card processor at all… because banks have a nasty habit of closing the merchant accounts of, or refusing to do business with, adult industry businesses. We are a virtual merchant specifically providing services to high risk merchant processor accounts. We provide you with the best credit card processing service you could want at affordable rates and with excellent customer service. If you are engaged in a high risk industry or one that is frequently marginalized or otherwise sanctioned by “mainstream” banks and credit card processors, now there’s help for you. We can provide you with the high risk merchant processing you require to keep your business growing and keep your customers satisfied.

You can’t afford to have your business disrupted by having your adult merchant account suspended or terminated. If you’re looking to get merchant processing, you can’t afford to sign up with one of the cheap credit card processing houses only to find out that your merchant account has been denied because of the legal business you’re in. While it’s very unfair to find that your business or your industry means you can’t get quality credit card processing, it’s also a fact that high risk credit card processors like ours have stepped in to fill the gap. We are a high risk virtual merchant. We provide merchant processing to you with total respect for the adult industry in which you operator. Regardless of your industry, as long as it is legal, we will provide credit card processing for you (as long as you meet the standard qualifications required). That means that reliable, high-quality adult merchant processing is available to you at affordable rates when you choose ParamountPayments.com.

We are specially set up to act as a high risk merchant processors for industries that have traditionally been underserved by the credit card processing industry. That makes us ideally suited to provide credit card processing for your industry. If you’re tired of constantly worrying that your virtual merchant account will be pulled or suspended when you need it most, fear no more. Come to us and we will provide you with the credit card processing you require, whether that is for adult merchant processing and an adult merchant account, or some other form of high risk merchant processing. Also, understand that not all high risk credit card processors are alike. We provide inexpensive credit card processing, not merely cheap credit card processing. That means you get excellent customer service from us at all times, and the respect that you deserve (and which may have been lacking when you tried to obtain merchant services from another company or bank).

Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing

The term “merchant account” and the overall field of credit card processing is just what it sounds like. We provide a financial service that is intended for use by small and large businesses across the Internet. We are a virtual merchant, which means we provide credit card processing to your company, whether it is in a high risk industry or not, using the Internet to serve you no matter where you might be located. The most typical example of the service we offer has to do with your customers making a single purchase through you using a credit or debit card. We provide debit card and credit card payment processing for high risk adult industry businesses and other business owners whose markets may be underserved by traditional merchant credit card processing.

Other merchant services provided by the financial services industry at large including things like check conversion, check drafting and payment, loyalty and gift card programs, online transaction processing and point of sale processing, and even payment gateways and merchant cash advances. Some merchant services also provide electronic benefits transfers.

Setting up a merchant services account is quite easy and reasonably straightforward. This can be done directly, through referrers or independent sales partners, and may include electronic point of sale processing or other accessories. If you don’t do a lot of credit card processing, it might be to your advantage to set up your adult merchant processing account on a per transaction basis so you are charged for each time a customer pays with a credit or debit card. The cost is more on a per transaction basis than payment programs set up for higher volumes of transactions. We can talk to you about everything you require and set up the best possible adult merchant processor arrangement for your specific needs.

We Understand the Challenges You Face

At Paramount Payments, we are more than just a high risk merchant processor. We do more than provide you with adult merchant accounts or other high risk merchant accounts. We are full-service high risk credit card processors who provide the best credit card processing to our clients that it is possible for a virtual merchant to provide. We respect you, and we respect the challenges you face. We know that it is not easy to start, maintain, and expand a business in today’s economic climate, and we stand ready to help you achieve all of your goals by giving you the tools you need to grow your company’s sales. The only way for you to grow your business is for you to capture all of the sales that you can, right? Well, with a high risk merchant account through ParamountPayments.com, you will be well positioned in your market to do just that.
To put it another way, it simply is not easy to find cheap credit card processing. Many credit card processors are either less than reliable or they charge exorbitant fees. This is due, in part, to the fact that your need for a high risk merchant account makes you vulnerable to price gouging. Some of our less scrupulous competitors know just how much you need reliable, affordable adult merchant processing or high risk merchant processing, and they take the opportunity of having you “over a barrel” to charge more than premium prices. It’s a classic case of some businesses and business owners settling for what they think they can get, rather than what actually serves them and their needs most efficiently and most completely. We don’t think you should ever have to settle for less, even when your account is a high risk merchant account. That’s why we are dedicated to cheap credit card processing with excellent customer service. We are a full service virtual merchant for that reason.

Are You Paying More Than You Should for Merchant Processing, Adult Merchant Processing, or High Risk Merchant Processing?

If you already have a merchant processing account, an adult merchant processing account, or some other kind of high risk merchant processing account, there’s a good chance you’re paying more than you need to be. It’s possible that you’ve been letting your bank, or a bank that was simply willing to do business with you, take care of your merchant processing. You collect money for the sales of your good or service from credit card or debit card payments without really considering what it’s costing you and what the bank is taking for its cut of the transactions. The problem with is that you might be getting gouged for a much higher percentage, per-transaction cost, or regularly billed merchant account cost than you need to be paying.

Whenever a customer purchases something from your business using a credit or a debit card, a lot happens behind the scenes. There is the merchant, who gets the payment. There is the bank the merchant uses to processes the payment, also known as an acquiring bank. Then there is the bank whose name actually appears on the credit or debit card, which makes that bank the issuing bank (it issued the card). Finally, there is the customer who is making the purchase that gets all those banks involved. You may not realize it, but when you make a purchase on your card like that, what is actually happening is that the issuing bank, which issued the card, is making a tiny loan to the customer who is making the purchase. Either that customer will pay off that tiny loan when he gets his credit card statement, for example, or he’ll wait to pay it, at which point the tiny loan becomes part of the total on his credit card balance. He will pay interest on that balance until it is paid off, because it represents the sum total of a series of tiny loans made to him.

You probably understood that already, but what you may not have realized is that the acquiring bank, the bank the merchant uses to process the payment, is also loaning money. That means that both banks are taking fees from the transaction, and what that means in turn is that the merchant always gets less money than the customer is paying for the purchase. In other words, accepting credit card and debit card payments means accepting less money for each sale than you would if the customer was paying cash. The “interchange fee” is what the bank for the credit card gets. The “discount rate” is what the processing bank (the acquiring bank) gets. There might even be other, supplemental fees involved, and the fees are typically stated as a percent of the amount purchased (there may also be a fixed charge per transaction, depending on the arrangement with the processor).

Lots of things determine the fee schedules charged by the banks involved. Some banks are both issuing and acquiring banks at the same time. The fees are also published, so you can find out what they are, and compare rates. Different types of merchants accept different types of cards, but what most people don’t realize about merchant accounts is that the type of business you are in may affect the fees (the interchange rates). If you need a high risk merchant processor, what you are paying for is the increased risks of things like chargebacks. The more risky the bank considers the transactions in which you are likely to engage, or the more risky it considers your business and industry overall, the more it will charge. A complaint from a customer could result in the amount paid to you by the acquiring bank, not to mention the fees, will be deducted from your own merchant account. It’s possible to fight these chargebacks if they’re not valid, but it takes time, and chances are also good that you won’t succeed. Most merchants just write off these amounts as the cost of doing business, but they add up.

It’s also a fact that certain business and industries, such as the adult industry and any business that is conducted over the Internet or through phone transactions, is considered high-risk (meaning the kind of business more likely to provoke chargebacks). This raises interchange rates and makes the individual transactions seem less safe to the banks involved, especially those that provoke disputes from customers. It’s harder to fight a chargeback from a phone or internet transaction (and phone and internet transactions are the bread and butter of Internet retail, the adult entertainment industry, and many other high-risk industries for legal entertainment and consumer products) because there is no physical signature required from the customer. By contrast, low-risk industries where customers sign for their charge (such as restaurants) typically get better rates from the banks involved because of the lower risk of chargebacks.

Who You Are Makes All the Difference When it comes to High Risk Merchant Processing

In order to evaluate whether it will give you a merchant account and how much it will charge you for transactions, a bank evaluates your business based on the types of transactions you are likely to engage in. Phone and Internet transactions will count against you, and every business has what is called an MCC Code. These are four-digit numbers that are applied to different businesses. The numbers are a government designation (in other words, the government determines what the codes for different businesses are). Different interchange rates are associated with different government business codes. To accept credit cards as part of your business, that means you must establish a business relationship with the acquiring bank for whatever cards your business accepts. (The merchant service provider will stay in touch with your business and sell you the processing.) But beyond that, there is the business entity that handles the actual transaction itself, making sure information is passed between the customer and their card to the merchant processor and the acquiring bank. Sometimes the various activities among all these different entities can get a little confusing, which is why the sales rep from your merchant services provider is so important. High risk merchant processing makes this that much more important, because also involved in all these transactions are underwriters who judge the risk involved.

After all, every card transaction is another loan made, so every time cash changes hands and a chargeback could occur, the loan associated with that charge could conceivably come back as a chargeback. That means every transaction has a risk associated with it. The risk doesn’t end when the transaction is completed, either. There is a significant period of time during which the customer could conceivably do a chargeback on the transaction. It is in this context that the acquiring bank transfers money into your merchant account within, say, forty-eight hours of the transaction. This is a loan, which is why when you apply for a merchant processing account, both the amount of sales your business is likely to generate, as well as its credibility to borrow, will be evaluated by the banks involved in conjunction with the underwriter’s assessment of the risks involved. The business owner generally has to put his or her own assets on the line to back up the processing application just like he or she would when applying for a loan, depending on the business structure used. (This is why limited liability corporations are possible when forming businesses that use merchant processing accounts).

Where Does That Leave You and Your Business?

So where does all that leave you and your business? That much should be obvious. If yours is a business or industry that the banks consider high risk, you will have a harder time finding good, cheap credit card processing. The best credit card processing will be available through a dedicated high risk merchant account and associated high risk credit card processing. This means that if you’re in the adult industry, an adult merchant processor will give you the best rates and the most reliable service. There was a time when credit was conducted informally, on a person to person basis. You would walk into a store, make a purchase, and place the purchase on your account so the balance could be collected later. (To this day, certain purchases are said to be made “on account” for this reason, as a throwback to that old terminology.)

The first of what we would consider “credit cards” came about in the late nineteen forties, when an individual banker developed a system for retail purchases that involved deposits made at the bank (which reimbursed the merchants where the purchases were made, then collected payment from the customers making the purchases). This is the system on which the American Express company still bases its operations, albeit on a much greater scale across many more cards and account holders. Credit systems were common by the early nineteen sixties, and this included the method of either paying off a balance in full or allowing it to float (and pay interest on it) that we associate with credit cards today. The problem, though, was that as these credit systems proliferated, there were too many cards to choose from, issued by too many different banks, and too few commonalities among places where the cards could be used to make purchases. It was during this time that the banking industry made a change that would affect how credit works for years to come. Remember interchange fees? Well, the creation of card associations in the Sixties made it possible to trade credit information from bank to bank. This “interchange” made it possible to standardize credit across the network of banks. Those earliest card associations were known by slightly different names back then, but they would eventually become MasterCard and Visa.

The advent of card associations meant that there were now two banks associated with the transactions (the model we now understand for credit) instead of just one bank (the old system of allowing people to buy on personal credit). The card associations themselves are administrators, not banks (they are associations of banks). Among the administrative functions of the card associations are things like security, legal matters, and marketing. One big drawback of these credit systems, though, was that they were all paper-based. There was a lot of potential for loss, there were significant delays between the time sales were made and the time money was received by the merchant, and there was a lot of overhead cost involved. This brought about the first steps toward electronic payment systems. This includes the way transactions are authorized at the point of sale (making sure the credit card has adequate balance available for the transaction being made). Banks began working together (despite the fact that they were technically competitors) because maintaining the integrity of the financial system was in everyone’s collective benefit.

We want to be Your Virtual Merchant

ParamountPayments.com wants to be your virtual merchant. We understand the challenges that every business owner faces. You have so many stresses and pressures that you face on any given day, and from the day to day grind of running your business, to the stresses of keeping your company a going concern. And these stresses are that much greater when your business is part of the adult entertainment industry or some other high risk industry. It may be that in the past, the best credit card processing you could get was found with any credit card processors that would do business with you. We completely understand. It doesn’t matter what your precise industry is. If you’re an adult entertainer yourself or you distribute adult entertainment, then yes, we do have a great deal of experience with that industry, and we would be happy to provide you with adult merchant processing.

If you are in a similar or related industry, such as for sex toys, sex dolls, paraphernalia and accessories, or some other type of business that seems to be considered less than “mainstream” by some of the people out there, then sure, we can provide you with high risk merchant processing. Simply put, we are one of the best credit card processing outlets you are going to find online, and one of the reasons for that is that we understand you. We understand your business. We understand your industry. Our goal is to make sure you get the service you deserve with the respect that is your right, and the reason we stress that so much is because we know that, based on your industry, you may not have gotten your due until now. Don’t let the fact that you’ve chosen as your market a less than traditional venue stand in the way of you getting the best commercial credit card processors. Specifically, stay away from those other, less than perfect processors and stick with a winner. We are that winner. We can process payments for you so that your business thrives and, when you are ready to grow, the capital and the market will be there to support it.

We want to be your virtual merchant because we know what it’s like to be struggling to grow, with success seemingly just out of your grasp. When we first started Paramount Payments, we did so with a dream of serving a previously underserved market. What we found out was that not only was there a market begging to be tapped, but that this market was capable of remarkable growth and poised to expand readily. There are so many clients in the adult and high risk industries, in those gray areas between “mainstream” markets, who have not yet gotten the business support they deserve. We are poised to provide that for you, and when we finally have the chance to process your payments, you’ll see just how much you’ve been missing without ParamountPayments.com in your corner. We take very seriously our fiduciary responsibility to not only to back you up and give you great service, but also to act as a sort of handmaiden for your business. Your sales, after all, are the lifeblood of your growing business concern. They are the means through which you survive and thrive. They are the means through which you expand, too. You can’t grow without an excellent high risk merchant processor in your corner, and you can’t expand if you don’t have the cash — the capital — to do it. That’s where we come in.

The Advantages of Internet Based and Other Remote Businesses

One of the reasons great high risk merchant processing is so important is because these are businesses that rely on the ability to accept payments remotely. Think about it: If you run an adult website, for example, you need adult merchant processing in order to take payments. Those payments have to be secure. They have to be processed efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Most importantly, you have to be able to accept and process payments from popular credit cards because your customers expect this. We live in a world where doing business online, and accepting immediate payment by credit card online, are a matter of course. Your customers take them for granted and have come to expect them. You can do all the homework in the world, advertise your web presence, draw traffic to your site through any of several means, and have your search engine optimization down pat… but if, when your customers come to your site and look over the products or services you offer, they’re going to move on if you can’t provide them with exactly what they’re looking for. You can’t afford to lose business because you don’t have a good merchant processing account in place… and “good” means different things to different people.

That’s where ParamountPayments.com comes in. Our business is built on reliability, honesty, integrity, and great service. We don’t just treat you with respect. We also take into account all of the factors that affect your business. You didn’t get where you are by cutting corners, but you certainly did sacrifice a great deal to get your business to the successful position it’s in. Even if you’re just starting out, we know that you worked hard to put together everything you’ve managed to build. Every business, no matter what the industry, no matter what you are doing, is a labor of love. If you’re an adult entertainer or positioned in the adult entertainment industry, that labor of love might be more literal in some cases as opposed to others, but the end result is the same. Everything about your business is something that affects you. If you have employees, it affects them as well. There are a lot of people who rely on you, and your business, for support. That could be just you, yes, but it could also be you and your family. It could be your employees. And if your business has grown in scope and scale, it could be an entire network of other businesses, with employees and families of their own, who depend on or are affected by the success or failure of your venture.

Into this very difficult and demanding business environment, you have chosen to throw your hat. The economy has been more than a challenge over the last few years and, while reports on the status of the economy vary greatly, now is always a great time to start a business… and it is always a terrible time as well. Your ability to succeed and the chances that you will fail when it comes to your business venture always begin and end with you. It is your effort on the line. It is your talent. It is your perseverance. It is your patience, your blood, your sweat, and your tears. We want to be your high risk merchant processor because we want to show you how passionately we feel about supporting both you and your business. You deserve a merchant processor who takes you seriously. If you need an adult merchant processor especially, we are ideally and uniquely suited to handle the challenges your business might face in processing payments and in finding cheap credit card processing to begin with. The best credit card processing you can get should just that, the absolute best. It should be the best service. It should be the best rates. Your rates should not be jacked up to unreasonable levels just because of the industry in which you have chosen to pursue your goals.

We understand this, and because we are business owners ourselves, we will approach your company and your financial needs with the type of respect that a top flight company deserves. Are you tired of being looked down on by financial services companies that look at your industry and think it is somehow beneath them? Are you tired of having your needs ignored, or your concerns left unaddressed? Maybe you’ve already obtained a high risk merchant account from some fly by night high risk credit card processor, but it’s slowly dawning on you that you might be paying more for that high risk merchant processing account than you actually need to be paying. Don’t just throw your money down a hole labeled “good enough.” Don’t just decide that you have your merchant processing taken care of, so you don’t need to revisit it, reevaluate it, or otherwise look into it. You can’t afford to be complacent in today’s fast paced business climate. Complacency is the sort of thing that will result in your business becoming stagnant or, worse, in failing to meet your financial obligations. And let’s be honest: The only thing more important than the continued monitoring and management of your business is the cash flow that is its lifeblood. Without cash, you can’t pay your employees if you have them. Without cash, you can’t finance your operation. Without cash, you can’t buy needed supplies and inventory. Without cash, your business cannot support you.

Well, where does that cash come from? It comes from your sales. It comes in the form of the credit card payments that you collect by phone or by the Internet. The payments your customers make are the whole reason you are in business. You are selling a good or a service, or perhaps both. You are advertising that good or service, yes. You have perhaps created a website or a phone line, or both, that allows your customers to shop with you and enjoy that good or service. But if you cannot process their payments, what will you do? It’s not as if they can just shove cash into the disk drive in their computer, after all. And they aren’t likely to pay you by some slower means, or wire money into your account (which is a time-consuming and complicated process). They have come to expect fast, easy payment and fast, easy credit card processing when they purchase online or over the phone. If a company tells you that it takes only cash, you are taken aback by that. When you walk into a store and discover that the store does not take credit or debit cards, chances are you realize you can’t shop there. Do you want this to be the customer experience that your website traffic has? Do you want to alienate them and drive them away? No, you absolutely can’t afford to do that. You’ve done the work, and your site has done its job, in bringing the customers to your door. You absolutely cannot afford not to close the sale with as many of them as you can. You don’t just want to sell a product or service that is irresistible and makes the customer want to buy. You also have to make it easier for them to give you their money!

Making it easy for the customer to give you his money means simplifying the payment process as much as possible. To do this, you need a merchant processor, but if your industry is a high risk one or part of the adult entertainment industry, you have traditionally had to work harder, and look longer, to find merchant payment processing that was affordable and reliable. There are lots of virtual merchants available to you if you are a “mainstream” business. There are any number of ways for you to take online payments, or payments over the phone, if nothing about your business or you is in any way controversial. But the fact is that the mainstream businesses are all saturated. Mainstream markets are mainstream for good reason: They’re common. Something that is common is not a niche waiting to be exploited. Something that is common is something that entails a lot of competition. You know as well as we do that where there is a great deal of competition, opportunities to make a lot of money, or for your business venture to succeed, are fewer and farther between than in areas that are underserved or niches that have yet to be tapped. When you find an underserved or untapped market, you essentially have a license to print money if you play your cards right. What you need, therefore, is reliable, honest, and efficient high risk merchant processing that is cost effective and which gives you great service. You should always be diligent when it comes to your business. You should always be looking to see what you can improve and how you can improve it. We know, because that is the continuous process of improvement in which we engage every day.

Processing payments online, and building your business online, provides a number of benefits to the customer that make you uniquely attractive to that customer. There is, first and foremost, the convenience factor. People, and the real world, do not have a convenient search engine that lets you find what you are looking for. When you go looking for an object, a product, or a service to purchase in real life, until the “Internet of things” becomes a reality, you are limited to looking for it with your own two eyes. You’ve got to walk on your own two legs. You’ve got to pick that object up with your own two hands. Finding a product or service in real life might require you to call around or drive to multiple stores. You might spend a great deal of time and a great deal of gas just trying to locate the product or service. And you might still go home at the end of a long day of shopping having not found what you were looking for. This is the primary probably with shopping in brick and mortar establishments. Yes, you can look at the product ahead of time, and maybe even test or try it out or on, and yes, you do get the immediate gratification of not having to wait for something to be shipped with you. There is no shipping cost (although you probably spend more in gas money than you ever would on shipping). Do these benefits outweigh the drawbacks? We don’t think they do.

Now, compare and contrast this to shopping with an Internet based business, buying online or ordering over the phone. The existence of search engines means you can find exactly what you want. When you shop for something in real life, it may be the case that none of the stores in your area, or within a reasonable driving distance, even carry the thing you are looking for. If it is very rare or very obscure, you may have no luck at all. For example, say you want to find a particular kind of erotica. You could look in every bookstore in your town (if your town even still has physical book stores) and never find exactly what you are looking for. Yet on the Internet, search engines take you directly to the thing you are hoping to find. Integrated online inventory tells you if that item is in stock or if you’ll have to find it somewhere else. There is no dealing with stupid employees, who stare at you in open-mouth stupidity when you ask them if they have such-and-such in stock. They won’t follow you around the store staring at the aisles with you, either. No, you’ll be able to go right to the thing you want, and you’ll be able to do so quickly and efficiently while also comparing prices from multiple sellers. This easy comparison shopping is also something that shopping in person can’t do for you. You get the best deal and you get the broadest sampling of items from which to buy, which makes the fulfillment of your shopping desires that much more gratifying.

But let’s step back and look at another advantage of Internet based businesses. It is the discretion and the confidentiality that these afford. Adult industries are particularly affected by this for the same reason that adult and high risk merchants often have a harder time finding adult merchant processing. Unless they go to a dedicated adult merchant processor or some other form of high risk merchant processor, they must worry that their merchant account or their bank account could be suspended at any time on the whim of the provider, even if no rules or laws have been broken. When you can instead take payments quickly and efficiently through a dedicated high risk merchant processor like ParamountPayments.com, though, you can focus on what you do well… and you can do it all while also making sure your clients get the discretion and confidentiality they want. What would you rather do: Walk into an adult bookstore to find the DVD or toy that you are looking for, and feel embarrassed about being seen parked in front of that store (or worse, being recognized by someone you know inside the store)? Or would you rather just be able to shop online, where nobody knows where you are shopping, packages are sent discreetly to your door, and nobody needs to know your business except you and the merchant from whom you made your purchase?

That is the promise of the Internet and phone-based businesses. That is why so many adult entertainment industry companies use the Internet to facilitate shopping and to fulfill sales. The one thing that a website can’t do, however, is take money for a purchase… unless that website employs a credit card processor’s services. A customer who wants to spend money with you, but who can’t use his credit card, will quickly become someone else’s customer and leave your website far behind. The ability to process credit cards also marks you as a credible, professional business. It’s one of the first things that customers look for. If you are a cash-only business, they will be wondering if you are on the up and up. If you can take credit card payments, however, that establishes that you are a legitimate business set up to do as much in the way of sales as it is possible for you to do on the Internet. Having a dedicated adult merchant processor on your side if you are in the adult entertainment industry, or another high risk merchant processing account in place if you are in some other industry affected by mainstream financial institutions’ inconsistent sanctions and censorship, allows you to do more business while also projecting an image of success and professionalism. Online especially, the appearance of success often generates real success… and the appearance of professionalism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Honesty, Integrity, and Genuine Devotion to Customer Satisfaction Shouldn’t Be Hard to Find… But They Are

One of the reasons we started ParamountPayments.com was that, yes, we saw a need in the market and sought to fill it. Adult industry merchants, and merchants in related industries that are seen as somehow not mainstream, needed reliable, affordable, reasonable credit card processing. They needed adult merchant accounts in order to foster the type of stability and credibility that reliable credit card processing provides. When you run a business, you are in constant battle for two things. These are sales and credibility. The sales part is obvious: You need sales so you can bring in cash that lets you run your business and keep it running. You got into business to make money. Those sales are that money, and if you can’t process the sales, you can’t bring in the cash that is so vital to the whole process. But no less important is the fact that reliable credit card processing, in this modern day and age, also equals credibility. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that having an adult merchant processing account is something your clients or customers will take for granted. They will expect you to have it. Having it won’t necessarily raise your stock in their eyes, but not having it will definitely hurt you with them. So in some ways, having a reliable merchant account is the first step simply towards not hurting your baseline credibility. You don’t want to give your customers reasons not to shop with you, and the inability to efficiently and cost-effectively process their payments is one thing that will drive them away from you in droves. This is an essential, critical lesson of both business and of finance: Never push the customer away. All they need is a single excuse not to spend their money with you and you might lose them forever. They have long memories and they tend to hold grudges if they feel they’ve been mistreated. Then, too, there is the fact that they will share their customer experience with others. It has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but that’s not true. If your business gets a bad reputation, especially in this day and age of online business reviews that may or may not have anything to do with the customer experience (but which have everything to do with whether the customer is angry), bad comments made about your business online can sink you. Don’t create the potential for these bad comments to start rolling in by disappointing your customer, who expects to be able to pay quickly and easily when he shops with your website or through your phone line.

ParamountPayments.com is more than just a convenient way to process credit card payments. It is also more than just a cost-effective way to do so. Yes, we will work hard to get you the best rate possible to make sure you are not paying more than you need to be for your merchant processing. But we will also treat you well, because we were conceived in integrity and have built our business on honesty as much as on customer service. That’s the sad fact of the merchant processing game, and of high risk merchant processing and adult merchant processing specifically. There are a lot of less than reputable services out there taking advantage of the fact that it may have been hard for you to find the type of processing you want and need. They prey on the fact that you have been underserved in the past and they know that you might be more willing to accept unfavorable rates or unfavorable fee structures because you will just be grateful to have a high risk merchant processing account at all. Well, why should you settle for less? Why should you be willing to accept an unfavorable arrangement or fee structure when there are other businesses who are just as well off financially who are getting more favorable rates?

The bias against your industry, whether that is the adult industry or some other high risk or gray area field, is very real, and a fact of doing business in certain types of enterprises. Particularly if you work in or facilitate work in the adult industry, you will be discriminated against by many mainstream financial institutions and providers of merchant processing. Cheap credit card processing is plentiful if you are trying to make money in a saturated, mainstream, non controversial business that is not interesting in any way and which offers little opportunity for niche exploitation and success. But if you work in the adult industry or a high risk industry, if the work you do, the product you sell, or the service you vend falls into a gray area, you can expect to be discriminated against. You will have a harder time finding merchant processing than a comparable business that is not controversial in any way, and you will be expected to pay higher rates.

We have built our business on the concept that you should never expect less. You deserve good service. You deserve an adult merchant processing account which you can rely on, one that serves you consistently, respects you without fail, and always provides your customers with seamless purchasing convenience. That is why we urge you to contact ParamountPayments.com right now. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll begin the process of evaluating your business needs, setting up a fee structure and payment rate that is best suited to your volume of sales and your business model, and making sure that your industry itself is being served. We’ll take all special considerations into account and we’ll do our best to show you that you can count on us to give you unparalleled service. There shouldn’t be a time when you feel like you’re getting less than you are due. You should never have to settle. With ParamountPayments.com, you don’t have to.

Paramount Payments Provides Adult Merchant Processing and High Risk Processing for Your Business

When you need reliable merchant processing for your business, no matter what your business is, you need a processor that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. If you also happen to be in a high risk or adult business or industry, you can’t risk having that merchant account endangered because the bank has decided it doesn’t like the industry you’re in. You also don’t want to be gouged because you’re in what is considered a high risk industry, which is to say, you don’t want to end up paying more than you need to for your credit card processing. Are you ready for a high-quality, high-integrity credit card processing company that understands your needs as an individual business owner? Then you want ParamountPayments.com. Not only will you get excellent service from us, but we will treat you with the respect that you deserve as a professional. You may feel in the past that you’ve not received the respect that you deserve. You may feel that because you work in the adult entertainment industry, your business is positioned within that market, or you work or have positioned your company in some other high risk field, that you do not get the professional level service that you ought to receive. Sadly, this is true for many people working in industries that are not yet considered “mainstream.” Yet everyone running a business and facing the challenges involved in such a venture genuinely ought to receive the best service that his or her vendors can provide. That includes your merchant processor, whether it is an adult merchant processor, a high risk merchant processor, or some other means of cheap credit card processing.

Say goodbye to the disrespectful, distant, or even indifferent adult merchant processors you may have used in the past. Rest well every night knowing that with us as your virtual merchant, your high risk merchant account is safe and your credit card processing services will continue uninterrupted. We know what we’re getting into when we enter into a business relationship with you. We always perform our due diligence and we always work to provide you with the best possible client experience. This is true the first time you work with us and in every case after that. Our business is built on honesty, integrity, and consistency — the very ideals that it is difficult to find when you search for high risk merchant processing. We have chosen to serve the adult merchant processing market, but we never take our clients for granted. We always work to show them how very much we respect them. That is the biggest difference separating ParamountPayments.com from other high risk merchant processors. We never take you for granted. We value your business and treat you like the VIP customer that you are. You can count on us for that reason. ParamountPayments.com wants to be YOUR credit card processor. Contact us now and let us be the provider you have always needed. Contact us now and take the first, next step towards growing your business, maximizing your sales, and helping make it as easy as you can for your customers to give you their money. Never stand in the way of sales, and never stop your clients or customers from handing over what they have for what they want. You are in business to make money. Let us help you to do just that.