Q. Do you only provide adult merchant processing and high risk merchant processing, or will you help anyone in any industry?

A. We are happy to provide credit card processing to anyone, in any industry, provided their business meets certain baseline standards. When you contact us to set up a merchant account, we will evaluate your business position and tailor a credit card processing solution, including a fee and rate schedule, that best meets your needs. We are happy to help absolutely anyone who qualifies. We urge you to contact us today and let us get the process started for you.

Q. What is adult merchant processing or high risk merchant processing? What is an adult merchant account?

A. High risk credit card processing, whether it’s for an adult entertainment business or for some other business classified as a high risk business or industry, is credit card processing for a business that might be underserved by more traditional merchant processing accounts. In order to help your business grow, especially if you are conducting your business online or through social media, you need to be able to accept debit and credit card payments. These payments are, from the customer’s perspective, instantaneous. They’re also trusted if they’re processed correctly through a reputable service. The ability to accept payments through your website or by phone, processed through a credit card processor’s account in which your customers have faith, is extremely important. It allows you to capture and collect all possible sales, leaving nothing behind. After all, one of the ways that you succeed in business is through applying certain universal principles, one of which is, “Never leave money on the table.” If you are missing out on sales that you could make if only you employed an appropriate credit card processing account, you are leaving money on the table, which of course is the path to a failed business. To grow, you don’t just need a high risk merchant processing account. Your high risk merchant processor must be reliable.

As those in the adult entertainment industry have seen, there’s a perceivable bias in the banking community against adult entertainment, adult entertainers, and alternative industries and businesses that fall in a moral “gray area” for legal products that are not approved of by more mainstream financial institutions and members of the society at large. In other words, the products and services you are selling might be completely legal, but you can’t sell them to your clients if you don’t have a merchant processing account you can rely on. If you’re always having to worry that your bank account, your checking account, your high risk merchant account, or some other aspect of your business might be shut down right out from under you, with no violation of policy on your part and no perceivable violation of the rules or the applicable laws governing your bank or your business, you can’t focus on growing your business. Frankly, given how difficult it can be to run a business in today’s day and age, we think it borders on criminal to add to those difficulties. We respect you very much, and we respect what you are trying to accomplish. Your goals, your dreams for your business, and your financial challenges are all things we are happy to help you with. But while we do that, we will show you the respect that you may have been denied by other processors.

Setting up your adult merchant processing account or high risk merchant processing account is simple and straightforward. Our representatives will discuss with you the type of fee structure that is best for your business, the types of transactions you’ll be making, and the volume of business that your company does, as well as the primary means through which you get your sales and process your billing (phone, Internet, etc.). We’ll discuss with you the security measures involved, make sure all of your needs are being met, and put you on the path toward the continued expansion and growth of your business. After all, that’s why you got into business in the first place: You identified a need, you figured out how to satisfy that need, and you put in the long hours of time and effort needed to address that need in order to make money doing it. Let us help you by providing you with the high risk merchant processing account that you require to make it happen. You’ve built your business; now let us help you keep it growing by helping you to collect for all the sales you can manage to make.

Q. Why do I need a high risk merchant processing account?

A. It should be obvious why you need a credit card processing account. If your business is brick and mortar, very few customers who walk into your store will have sufficient cash in your wallets to pay for goods and services. Society is changing, and very few people actually carry cash anymore. We are accustomed to being able to use our credit or debit cards for the smallest of transactions and the largest of transactions, from a single cup of coffee to major purchases like appliances and furniture. Hanging a sign on your business that says you do not take credit cards is a lot like hanging a sign on your business that says you don’t want the business of the vast majority of customers walking past. You can’t afford to alienate the buying public. Your customers expect to be able to use their credit and debit cards in your establishment. Yes, they may cash, but an increasingly smaller number of people do that every day. Whenever a customer walks onto the premises of your business, it is much more likely that he or she will want to pay with a card. You have to be able to process credit card payments when he or she walks through your door. That means you need a credit card processor.

If your business is NOT brick and mortar, then being able to accept credit card payments is that much more critical. Internet businesses are plentiful in the modern era. There are many people making good livings or even just comfortable side incomes on sales they make on the Internet. While there are some means of paying for things online that don’t require a credit card once you have the accounts set up, such as PayPal, these are also subject to a number of restrictions. There are goods and services that companies like PayPal simply don’t want you to be able to buy with their service. Either they have restrictions on what they can legally do or, more commonly, they have self-imposed moral restrictions on what they are willing to let their services be used to pay for. Either way, when you have an online or phone based business, you need to be able to take credit card payments, and therefore you need a credit card processor, so that you can serve the maximum possible number of customers and thus reap the maximum possible amount of sales. This is just good business practices. You never artificially constrain your market or your customer base if you can help it. Whenever possible, always make it easy for the customer to give you his money. There is a popular Internet meme whose caption reads, “Shut up and take my money!” Your customers, if they have found you, are saying just that. They’ve come to your virtual door and they’ve picked out their virtual merchandise. They now need a virtual merchant who can process their payment so that you, the business owner, can realize the benefit of the sale.

So: You know you need a credit card processor. If, however, you work in an industry considered less than mainstream, particularly the adult industry, you don’t have a choice: You need a high risk merchant processor because your industry is underserved or, worse, discriminated against by more mainstream credit card processors. A high risk credit card processor will stick with you even though your industry is considered less than mainstream. But you won’t always get the best service, or the best rates, from just any cheap credit card processor. You need the best credit card processing available for your industry. You want adult merchant processing done right. You want ParamountPayments.com, where we will not only see to it that you get the best customer service we can provide, but also that your rates are reasonable and that you are not being overcharged for your specific needs and customer scenario. That is why you need a high risk merchant processing account but, more than that, that is why you need us specifically. Only with ParamountPayments.com can you rest easy knowing you are not being overcharged, gouged, or underserved. Only with ParamountPayments.com can you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are dealing with honest, genuine professionals who respect you completely and want to help your business succeed.

Q. Why should I worry about accepting credit card payments at all?

A. It would certainly be easier not to worry about accepting credit card payments at all, wouldn’t it? Then there would be no need for a merchant account, and no concern about the amounts of the feeds deducted from your sales. After all, when you accept credit card payments, the amount you receive is not the amount of the purchase. The cash eventually deposited into your account is less because the banks involved have received their various fees for facilitating the transaction. If you only accepted cash for your payments, or if you accepted checks or money orders only, you wouldn’t have to worry about that at all, would you? Of course, your business would almost certainly fail, and that is why you have to concern yourself with accepting and processing credit card payments. It is simply a fact of doing business in the modern world. This is for two reasons: it is because your customers have come to expect the convenience of purchasing with the purchase protection and convenience of a credit card (not to mention the buying power), but also because, depending on the type of business in which you are engaged, there is no other way to reliable accept payment for the services you are offering.

The first is probably the most important because it is less obvious. You may think that as long as you provide your customers with a means of paying you, they should be happy, right? Well, the average customer lives in a market that is full of convenient options. He is accustomed to being able to pay for even very small purchases with his cards. He does not carry cash, typically, and there are more and more people who use their payment cards for anything and everything. If you do not want to risk alienating your customer base, you have to accept credit card payments in order to get sales. There is too much competition out there not to accept credit cards. Your customers can move on to any of several other sites that do accept payments if you cannot. Consider, for example, the last time you went through the process of registering an account and making a purchase online, only to have the purchasing process fail either before or during the entry of your credit card details. You probably were discouraged from shopping with that site at all as a result of that experience. This is what you can’t afford to have happen when you are running a business. Accepting credit cards is simply a necessary part of doing business. Alternative forms of payment are too slow even when they are possible.

That brings us to the other aspect of why you must accept credit cards. If you are selling online, there is no other way to take payment. Having your customers mail you payments through the postal mail takes far too much time and most customers will not stand for that kind of delay, to say nothing of the delay entailed when waiting for a customer’s check to clear. The typical customer will simply find someone who will take his money through his card rather than deal with a site that will not. And other alternate forms of online payment, such as Bitcoin, are notoriously unreliable. You are better off going with the purchase protections of a credit card, which are long established, expected, and reliable. Your customers understand this and will always feel safer when they are able to buy with their preferred cards.

Q. So where do I find your local branch?

A. We are a virtual merchant. We service our clients through the Internet and are reachable online for any of your credit card processing needs. We are located in the Los Angeles area, but we do not have a brick and mortar storefront that you could visit. This helps keep our overhead low and allows us to focus on our core business, which is providing reliable credit card processing services to businesses that have typically been underserved by more mainstream financial institutions. We may not have a local branch, but that doesn’t mean you won’t receive stellar service from us each and every time. While once this may have not been the case, there is also ample precedent for online-only financial institutions. Online banking without branches, conducted through ATM machines that are part of larger, overarching ATM networks, is actually quite common today. In fact, it’s possible to use modern check cashing services, ATMS, and other accounts like a merchant account set up through Paramount Payments, and never actually open an account at a traditional brick and mortar bank. The modern world is full of conveniences like these and we believe this is one of the reasons we are so well positioned to serve our client base.

Q. Where are you located?

A. ParamountPayments.com is based in the Los Angeles area. Los Angeles is a vibrant, dynamic, world-class city, and being located here gives us access to a variety of financial services as part of the greater industry. Because we are a virtual merchant, however, it doesn’t actually matter where we are located. We would be happy to provide you with adult merchant processing and high risk merchant processing no matter where you are located, provided our services are legal where you are. We conduct all our business completely above board and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. You can count on us to treat you with respect, integrity, and honesty. This is the service we provide and the framework in which we provide it.

Q. What sorts of businesses can get an adult merchant processing account through ParamountPayments.com?

A. We are ideally suited to provide high risk credit card processing for those in industries that have typically been underserved, or served inadequately, by more mainstream financial services. These include the adult entertainment industry, adult industry performers, “head shops” and legal paraphernalia distributors, escort services, adult movie studios, and any and all other merchants who are engaged in businesses that, while legal, maybe industries at which mainstream or cheap credit card processors turn up their noses. We believe that your business, even if it is not a “mainstream” business, deserves the same respect and service that every other business automatically receives. That’s why we have worked to build a business that specifically caters to your requirements. We’ve targeted adult merchant processing and high risk merchant processing specifically because we know this is a need that stands to be filled. Will not only provide you with these services, but demonstrate to you through word and deed that we are worthy of our time, your money, and your trust. We do not simply pay lip service to honesty and integrity. These are our watchwords, and we take them very seriously indeed. When you go with ParamountPayments.com, you are choosing the best possible option for your adult merchant processing and high risk credit card processing. Accept no other provider, and do not ever settle for less than the service that you deserve.

Q. I run a business that isn’t legal in the United States yet. Can I still process payments through you?

A. No, we cannot and do not process payments for a business that is not legal. To work with us, your business must be legal where you are, legal for us to process payments for you, and in violation of no other regulations or standards. The niche market that we serve is made up of those clients whose businesses are legal, but whose companies nonetheless get looked down on by more mainstream financial service providers. WE don’t think this is fair and we’ve set out to address it the best way possible: By providing a better alternative. It’s very easy to say that something isn’t right, or that something shouldn’t be done, and it’s much harder actually to do something about it. We chose to do something about it by providing the adult and high risk industries with a real, viable credit card processing alternative. We also sought to treat these businesses, and the people who run and populate them, with the respect they’ve otherwise been denied. We think you’ll find the ParamountPayments.com experience very refreshingly different as a result.

Q. Wouldn’t any high risk merchant processing service be adequate for my needs?

A. You might think that, and of course it’s true that any cheap credit card processing will do if your only requirement is that your payments be processed and the rate be as low as you can manage. But the problem is that just any credit card processing, even the best credit card processing, is useless if your account is canceled or your bank account closed when you need it most. The adult industry and other industries considered high risk have suffered from the sometimes arbitrary application of selective morality and censorship by the financial institutions with which they work. For some reason, many of these financial institutions have taken it on themselves to police the content of the work their customers are doing. We don’t think this is right. We think how you choose to make your money, provided it is legal, is your business, and we stand ready to help you process your payments without judgment, without censorship, and without arbitrary or selective application or changes of the rules.

One of the cruelest aspects of the way financial institutions have arbitrarily chosen to censor the adult and high risk markets is that there is no real rhyme or reason to how these rules are applied or altered. The customers affected simply have no idea what is happening or why, and often are provided with very little explanation (or no explanation at all). Worse, they are given very little warning of the suspension of their financial services, which leaves them to scramble to try and find a way to continue serving their customers and keep their businesses open. This leads to lost sales, and lost sales can spell the death of your business. The better answer is to go with a credit card processor whom you can trust. You don’t want just any cheap credit card processor. You want ParamountPayments.com, which will process your payments and never deal with you arbitrarily or unfairly. We won’t pull your account without warning if you’ve done nothing wrong. We won’t close your account simply because we’ve suddenly decided we don’t like who you are or how you do business. If what you do is legal, then we figure it’s none of our business beyond the financial arrangement between us.

We are a business built on honesty and integrity, which means we honor our contracts and our agreements. You can work with us in confidence, always comfortable that we have your best interests in mind. In financial services, there is a concept called “fiduciary responsibility.” This means that we are financially obligated to provide you with responsible service that meets your goals and takes into account your needs. If we don’t treat you responsibly, we have failed our fiduciary obligation to you. Our commitment to you and your business means that we will always take your needs seriously. We will never treat you capriciously. And because we are business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges you face, the stress you endure, and the many different issues that always seem to come up when you are trying to run a business. We aren’t just looking to provide you with a service. We are actively looking to build a business relationship with you. We take what we do very seriously. We are professionals committed to excellence, and that excellence extends to everything we do as your merchant processor.

Q. I could just do all my business in Bitcoins. That would mean I wouldn’t need a merchant processing account, wouldn’t it?

A. You may have heard of Bitcoins. Bitcoins were invented some years ago by a Japanese programmer, although there is quite a bit of debate now over whether the man currently credited as the inventor of Bitcoin is indeed the man who created the algorithm. The thing about Bitcoins is that they are not just a means of exchange. There are some examples of “electronic currencies” that are really just electronic stand-ins for other currencies. When you buy things in online games like World of Warcraft or online environments like Second Life, for example, you do so with local “currencies” that are bought with “real money” in the real world and then exchanged out again (as in the case of virtual merchants in both games). You might be surprised to learn there are people making healthy second incomes or even primary livings in online games, trading in these local gaming currencies.

Bitcoins are not like these gaming currencies. The gaming currencies are really just balances on ledgers in the games. They don’t represent a real source of value, except insofar as you paying money for the balances changes what the game thinks you have to “spend.” By contrast, Bitcoins are a real currency. They have value because the algorithm used to create them made them finite. That is, there are only so many Bitcoins existing in cyberspace and in theory there can never be anymore. That’s because each Bitcoin is an encrypted bit of coding. It’s as if you were able to digitize a coin and then send it through the wires connected to your computer, or through the wireless airwaves, to somewhere else, specifically another user’s computer. Because of its unique properties, the Bitcoin can indeed be used to make payments online, and to send payments from one computer to another. The only way to buy Bitcoins is to buy them through an exchange, which is like a currency exchange at the border between two nations. The Bitcoin is again a real, virtual currency, but it has never existed in the real world.

To spend and save Bitcoins, you have to preserve them in a virtual wallet. This wallet can exist on your computer or it can exist at the exchange, which is like a kind of virtual bank vault. The thing is, if you have Bitcoins on your computer and the computer is lost or destroyed, or even stolen, those BItcoins cannot be gotten back. It’s not like the money in your bank account, which is insured by the government. The Bitcoins exist as code and, if the code is in a computer that is destroyed, it’s like currency being burned in a fire. The money just disappears and goes away. That means that using Bitcoins to conduct your business (a practice that is becoming slightly more common but hasn’t really become “mainstream” yet) is inherently unsafe. There’s just no way to guarantee that you won’t lose all your money.

The other problem with Bitcoins is that they are very volatile. When they were first introduced, Bitcoins weren’t worth all that much. For a time, their value rose to a very high amount in US dollars compared to a single Bitcoin… but since then, that value has fluctuated all over the place. That means that when you first acquired a Bitcoin, it might have been worth a decent amount of money, then swelled to a small fortune and then shrunk back again. There’s no way to control or predict these shifts in value, which make pricing services in Bitcoin very hard to do. But by far the biggest issue with Bitcoins is the potential for fraud and less than scrupulous business tactics.

The Bitcoin exchanges, specifically, are vulnerable to collapse. Only recently, one of the biggest of the Bitcoin exchanges, where Bitcoin owners were keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin stored virtually, shut down overnight. An almost total lack of banking and financial regulation makes Bitcoins the preferred currency of criminals and scam artists. It also makes it easy for the Bitcoin exchanges to collapse, taking the virtual deposits of hundreds or thousands of people with them. A staggering amount of money has been lost in the collapse of Bitcoin exchanges, and these collapses have underscored the danger of using Bitcoins at all, much less to run a business.

Compare and contrast this to the regulations and protections on using credit cards. If your credit card is lost or stolen, in many cases your card company will not hold you responsible for any fraudulent charges. If you get poor service or a merchant doesn’t deliver, you can do a chargeback on your card. Networks for credit cards exist throughout the country and the world, making such cards easy to use to collect payments as long as you have a payment processor. This is far and away a better system in every respect than trying to use Bitcoin or any other alternative method of payment, which is why you should go with ParamountPayments.com as your high risk merchant processor. There is risk, and then there is risk. Bitcoins simply can’t facilitate a thriving, growing business, but a merchant account from your virtual merchant, ParamountPayments.com, can.

Q. What’s so special about adult merchant processing? Is this a gimmick?

A. The service we provide is not a gimmick. We are fulfilling a very real need. Take, for example, one of our many clients. Her name is Lisa S. and she is an adult performer in adult movies. Lisa does quite well for herself by running her own website, which charges a membership fee for premium access. This website is Lisa’s primary means of income. It is from sales of memberships to the site that Lisa is able to support herself and her loved ones. Lisa is not alone, either. She is one of hundreds of adult performers who have had problems with their bank accounts being closed when the “mainstream” financial institutions they were using found out that the adult performers were who they are.

In Lila’s case, both her merchant account, which is the means through which she processed credit card payments, and her personal checking account were canceled because her bank decided her profession (which is completely legal and heavily regulated in Los Angeles) was not “in line with its goals.” Lisa was given no notice of the termination of her accounts and stood to lose a great deal of money when her ability to process payments was abruptly cut off. Lisa did lose money, in fact, but there was not much else she could do except look for another high risk merchant processor when her bank cut her off. She lost considerable money when it happened without warning and was nearly frantic when she finally found us.

We understood Lisa’s predicament. We are a high quality adult merchant processor that also does other forms of high risk industry credit card processing. Not only did we tell Lisa that, yes, we could help her, but we also took the time to consult with her to find out precisely what she needed. It turned out her old bank was charging far too much per transaction. Lisa stood to gain back quite a bit of money by letting us be her virtual merchant to process her credit card payments. We also set up a schedule wherein we would revisit Lisa’s account periodically to make sure she was continuing to get a good deal. We put everything in place, and Lisa was able to reopen her website and once again start processing membership payments. The good news, despite the hassle, is that now Lisa doesn’t have to worry about having her accounts closed or suspended without warning. She knows she is working with a first class virtual merchant who understands her and the market in which she works… and which will give her a good deal every time. We love what we do, and we want very much to help you. Like we did for Lisa S., we can solve your credit card processing problems, and treat you with respect and professionalism.

Q. What sort of merchant processing do you perform?

A. We are a full-service merchant processing firm. We handle all kinds of clients, in multiple industries. If you need reliable, affordable credit card processing services, we provide that service. This allows you to capitalize on as much business as possible, maximizing your sales and encouraging the continued growth of your business. Our efficient, cost-effective credit card processing is designed to benefit a business of any size, from the smallest single proprietorship to the largest conglomerate. Our financial solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your business, and we will identify the rate and fee schedule that is most beneficial to you.

Q. Do you handle only certain types of businesses?

A. Absolutely not; we handle all types of businesses, and our client list includes an extensive network of small, medium, and large businesses across multiple industries and sectors. What they all have in common is that they all require a reliable and efficient credit card processor at the most beneficial rate. While other merchant processors will treat you like a number, we treat you like our valued business partner. We will not only tailor your solution to your specific business needs, but our staff will strive to set up a fee and rate schedule that is most beneficial to you, maximizing the benefits while minimizing the costs of the processing we perform for you. This ensures not only that you can continue to maximize revenue while sustaining and expanding your business, but that you will be able to pass along those savings to your customers, who will appreciate your competitive prices for your products and services.

Q. How does your company tailor your financial solution to my specific business? I run a perfectly normal, mainstream small business in a field that doesn’t enjoy special rates.

A. The answer lies in the fees you pay and in how you choose to pay them based on the study we conducted of how you get your sales. Depending on the business, and depending on how you conduct your sales, different types of fee schedules are more or less beneficial to you. This varies from business to business, and because we serve all businesses and industries with the same dedication to personalized service and tailored solutions, we have access not only to a great pool of experience, but also an experienced staff of financial planning specialists who can determine what would benefit you most. For example, if most of your sales come from online retail, that’s one thing. If, on the other hand, you are processing credit card payments at the point of sale in a brick and mortar store, that’s another, and the way we structure your fees for your merchant processing will differ in each case. This allows us to maximize the benefit to you while minimizing the costs for the processing itself.

Q. I’m worried about security. I keep hearing about third-party breaches of credit card information.

A. We completely understand. Security is, of course, one of the most important components of merchant processing. That’s one of the added benefits of using our firm to process your credit card payments. Most small businesses find it very challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving security needs of credit card processing. The industry is always moving, and the recent transition to chip cards is just one aspect of that evolution. The proliferation of Near Field Communication and payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are another outgrowth of that evolution. The demands for security in payment processing change almost every day… so why saddle yourself with them? When you work with us, we take care of all that for you, ensuring that your merchant processing is conducted in a safe, secure, efficient fashion, with all appropriate industry safeguards in place.